Manish Shah

A billionaire businessman, Construction builder, trustee of numerous institutions(100+) including phyically challenged, women's college, orphange, senior citizen homes, hospitals etc. Philanthropist for 30+ years, vice president of Minority Congress Party.

Mr. Manish Shah is the Chairman and the founding director of GEO #Bharatiya. He owns & runs a multibillion-dollar business empire with the family located in the financial hub of India, Mumbai.



Mr. Manish Shah’s ambition is to strive hard for equality, empowering lives and be a part of changing India. At a very young age, he became the Trustee of many organizations nationally and till today he has countless impacts on lives of the underprivileged people to facilitate better living homes, educating children and employment opportunities for women.

Mr. Manish Shah is also the President of Gujarati Cell of Mumbai Pradesh Congress Committee (MPCC). Mr. Manish Shah is a well-known social worker, builder and stockbroker. He is a Member of Human Rights (NGO), Mumbai; Member of Mumbai Stock Exchange and Director of JAMMS Stock Brokers Pvt. Ltd. In addition, he is the founder and trustee of JIO (Jain International Organization), Central Mumbai Chapter. He is also a partner of Crescita Group and Trustee of Aradhanadham – Old age home for senior citizens. Mr. Manish Shah serves as the Director & Trustee of 19 other globally recognized organizations including school boards, hospital boards, human rights organization and other philanthropic groups.